Calculating ROI on Productivity Enhancements

Constructing or retrofitting a building to meet The WELL Building Standard is an investment in your company's future.

Is it worth the cost? Consider this.

Annual utility costs for a business are typically around $2.50 per square foot.

If you can squeeze out 25% savings on utilities, you'll save about $0.63 per square foot per year.

An example of the cost to build or retrofit to The WELL Building Standard is $3.60 per square foot (a premium of about 1.75% for new construction).

A typical company's expenditures on salaries and other employee-related expenses are around $300 per square foot per year.

The savings for raising employee productivity by just 2% would equal $6 per square foot -- far more than the value of saving 25% on utilities.

In the first year alone, productivity savings would not only eclipse the one-time cost of meeting The WELL Building Standard, but would also nearly cover the total cost of utilities.

The WELL Building Standard will also increase employee satisfaction, reducing turnover, and attracting top talent who are looking for great places to work.

The productivity increase for the first company that retrofitted to The WELL Building Standard was not 2%.

It was 6%.

Pareto Performance Can Help You Implement the WELL Building Standard

The WELL Building Standard can be applied both to new construction and existing buildings to enhance employee wellbeing and productivity.

The upgrades have been shown to yield positive ROI quickly -- often in well under a year. And ROI only increases in future years as you continue to reap the benefits of your initial investment.

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