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Utah and Beyond: The Future Starts Here

Pareto Performance was begun in Utah, with a focus on real estate development and the impacts that we can have by doing a few things right. A small investment in things like office lighting and air quality, for example, can increase employee productivity and generate a significant ROI for a company.

Recently, we have identified several critical leverage points for the Wasatch Front in the coming years. And we have begun to organize the critical 20% of our local leaders, beginning with our Universities, extending to businesses in key industries, and including government leaders. Key people have already figured out the answers to our critical needs, if you know how to find them.

The population of the Wasatch Front is expected to grow by over 600,000 before 2050. The wrong decisions (or failure to lead) will result in traffic congestion, pollution, and increased poverty.
On the other hand, the right development decisions, made now, will actually improve quality of life while our economy grows.
Utah is a leader in the development of state of the art transportation systems like self-driving electric cars. That technology will do wonders for freeways and air quality.
But did you realize that better transit systems also reduce construction costs, making housing more affordable?
Utah is a leader in the development of Gen IV nuclear power. Key benefits include minimal to zero waste, zero risk of meltdown, and inexpensive electricity.
But did you know that nuclear fuel can produce medicine capable of curing stage 4 cancer with a 91% rate of success?
A $50 million investment in infrastructure can create $4 billion in added value for the real estate developed on top of it. The property tax revenue from the improvements could recoup the entire investment in a single year.
But did you realize that property tax revenue is also essential to fund education, the arts, health care, and other quality of life programs?

There are several things Utah leaders can accomplish by coming together. It isn’t 1 or 2 things that we need to address. We need to address the entire 20% of the issues that make up 80% of our quality of life. And that takes a lot of leaders.

Utah is the only place I know where there currently exists an intersection between a major growth opportunity and the potential for the crucial 20% of leaders to come together. If we get it right here, we can show the world how to replicate the Utah Model. It’s our destiny.