Applying the "80/20" Principle to Maximize Human Wellbeing


A few strategic upgrades to environment and behavior can deliver oversized benefits in productivity. For example, improved indoor air quality can increase productivity by 8-11%. Air quality is just one of the 7 Pillars of Productivity.

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Enhancing quality of life across the board for our entire communities requires many leaders driving many key projects. Yet not all leaders are created equal. Uniting the right leaders with a shared vision will deliver outsized improvements.

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Wellness Programming

When we are healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally, we are happier and more productive. Yet, even knowing this, we too often fail to take care of ourselves and others. How can we fix what's broken in our habits and environments and sustain the change?

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Utah and Beyond

Utah is a leader in several key technology areas with the potential to improve human wellbeing worldwide, such as transportation, clean energy, and medicine. We also have the opportunity to demonstrate a leadership model for strengthening communities.

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