The Pareto Foundation: Serving a Worldwide Community

The Pareto Foundation will be developed by Utah Leaders to fund the delivery of technology, leadership and solutions to the human community around the world.

Every person in our community is important. Not everyone has had the same opportunities for education or employment. Not everyone was raised with the same beliefs. But everyone is someone. Everyone gets up in the morning and begins the day with whomever they are. Whether we agree with a neighbor or not, we are in this together. Everyone makes choices, sustainable or unhealthy. Our degree of freedom is highly impacted by the right choices.

There are very specific things that we know will produce better physical health, advance mental development and improve our environment, including our social environment. When we help people, we save money as we improve quality of life. There is no more worthwhile ROI, economically or ethically, than making investments in people.

There are game-changing opportunities right now in Utah. The opportunities in developing nations are even greater. The potential gains are mind boggling. The world needs Utah Leadership, but we have to get it right here first. The next five years represent the critical 20%. 80% of what we will have in the future depends upon what we do right now.