What would a 6% productivity increase mean for your company?

And how would you achieve it?

Concentration ↑ 6%

in workspaces with plants

Concentration ↓ 8%

in concrete-heavy environments

Productivity ↓ 66%

when working in a noisy environment

36% of Psychologists & Psychiatrists

name lack of natural lighting as the #1 workplace health hazard

Productivity ↓ 4%

when too hot

Productivity ↓ 6%

when too cold

80% of Americans

at least mildly dehydrated

2% Dehydration

impairs performance on tasks requiring mental acuity or focus

Depression Risk ↓ 27%

by eating more fruits and vegetables

Low Productivity Risk ↑ 66%

when eating unhealthy food

Low Productivity Risk ↓ 50%

with regular exercise

Productivity ↑ 8-11%

with better indoor air quality

Pareto Performance Can Help You Empower Productivity

Productivity isn't just about motivational techniques. It's about creating a physical and social environment that empowers workers to excel.

Pareto Performance can help your company achieve higher productivity using environmental changes and methods that have been shown to yield positive ROI in well under a year.

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